prison realignment

Since Governor Brown’s prison realignment scheme went into effect in 2011, more than 38,000 inmates have been moved from state to county facilities, shifted to community supervision or released. Local law enforcement has performed admirably, but the fact remains that county facilities were never meant to house offenders of this type, nor for such great amounts of time.


A recent Public Policy Institute of California report shows statistical evidence that property crime rates are on the rise for the first time in a decade- a seven percent rise since the program began.


As the Governor releases more violent, dangerous criminals out of state prisons, local jails must house not only greater numbers of inmates, but also more dangerous inmates than they were designed to hold. Eventually, even these will need to be released to make room for more recent violent offenders.


Placer County Republicans believe shorter sentences do not deter potential or repeat offenders. We believe that this failed experiment must end, and that prison inmates should not be moved to county jails and must serve out their entire sentence.


We support exploring the use of facilities in other states, and moving prisoners to privately owned and operated facilities.


We believe keeping Californians safe while simultaneously balancing the need for fiscal responsibility is and should be the priority of state government.