ca bullet train

California voters narrowly approved Proposition 1A, Governor Brown’s High Speed Rail project, in 2008. That measure authorized the state to spend $20 billion for a “bullet train” from Sacramento to the Bay Area and Southern California. Back then, it was reported that the entire project would cost approximately $40 billion.


Now, we know the project will cost much more than that- possibly close to $100 billion.

Furthermore, waste and mismanagement have greatly slowed down the timetable.


Transportation infrastructure should be a priority of state government. But this project, already very short of funds and way behind schedule, is not what Californians originally voted for and not within the purview of government.


The Placer County Republican Party believes this project should come to a halt, and any leftover money should be repurposed to local transportation issues the state actually needs. If this project ever becomes viable, a group of private investors will propose to privately fund, build, and operate the train.


Until then, we cannot allow government to impose this financial burden on the people of our state.