bay delta conservation plan

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan, or “Twin Tunnels” proposed by Governor Brown, calls for the construction of two 40 ft. wide tunnels to divert the Sacramento River and provide more water to people in Southern California.


Placer County Republicans believe that this plan, which is estimated to cost $25 billion (but will likely end up being even more expensive), is a dangerous proposition for our region. As currently proposed, the BDCP will leave Folsom Lake completely dry every ten years or so.


Much of the drinking water in our region comes from Folsom Lake. In fact, most of the water we use in our homes, businesses, and recreational activates all comes from Folsom. Our region will not survive if we don’t even have water to drink.


The lake is also an economic boost for the area. Folsom Lake is one of the most widely attended State Parks in California. Numerous businesses depend on the lake- restaurants and hotels nearby, boating services and mechanics, providers of water sports and play items- the list goes on.


Finally, we are concerned about the environmental impact of a completely dry lakebed. Fish and other animals in our region depend on the lake to live in and drink from. What happens to our ecosystem if they were to disappear? What about the plant life whose water comes from Folsom Lake, either because they grow nearby or get water through irrigated means?


Placer County Republicans call on the Governor to work with water providers, recreationalists, environmentalists, business leaders, and local community leaders from around Northern California.


Our region needs a seat at the table so we can come together on a plan to provide water to everyone in our state. We need a solution that will allow all Californians to prosper and benefit from living in California.