2014 drought

The Placer County Republican Party knows that we cannot conserve our way out of the drought. Recent rains have gone a long way, but only a return to normal rainfall levels can pull California out of this drought.


Many Placer County residents face mandatory water reductions, and jobs are at stake as businesses are forced to cut back on water usage as well. Our region cannot afford to keep sending this much water to Southern California.


We must start thinking progressively and develop plans that secure our resources over the long term.


These should include system for using the water in Folsom Lake that prioritizes local human use before sending our water south, or providing water for fish. These are legitimate uses for the water, but should not come before our local usage.


We also need to fast-track the construction of new storage facilities. More reservoirs allow us to capture extra water in wet years in preparation for dry years. Better planning in this respect could have allowed us to avoid the current restrictions.


The Auburn Dam, for example, was planned to collect over two times as much water as Folsom Lake. This project would not only greatly increase our local storage capacity, but would also provide a new area of recreation for local residents, an abundance of clean energy to the region, and significantly escalate the level of flood protection for Sacramento, all for a relatively small cost to taxpayers.


We must start planning ahead to keep things from getting worse and to safeguard our community against future droughts. Action needs to happen now.